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2 Reasons Why You Should Be Apart of Dak Nation Part 2

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What up Dak Nation.

Missed my last post? Come on Mannn!

Im kidding, it’s all good, you can check it out here.

So after my last post, you should be right on the front lines cheering for Dak as I am, but, if for some weird reason you are still questioning the decision.. Here are 2 more reasons why you should be apart of Dak Nation.

Why You Should Be Apart of Dak Nation Part 2

His undying love and respect for his MOM.

I remember exactly where I was when I first heard of the story that broke out about how he dedicated each game he played for his Mom. At first, I thought, well that’s cool. I know a lot of players say that.

But then they said how his Mom had lost a battle with cancer a few years back.

Cue the waterworks!

I mean if that doesn’t do the same for you..

you are just not human.

The story went on to talk about how he still texts his Moms phone before and after every single game.

Let’s put everything having to do with the sport of football aside, and let’s talk about how great of a human being his Mom must have been.

How do we know this? By looking at Dak.

He is a perfect example of how a player, and a human being at that, should carry himself at all times.

Reason #4

He is the mixture of the future/ and the now.

What I mean is this..

Most Rookie QBs never see the field at least for a couple years. The ones that do, usually struggle pretty badly. In the one season that Dak has played, he has shown that he is ready to go NOW.

He showed us that he can respond to a tough situation like Romo getting hurt and having to step right in.

He showed us when he came back from the Giants loss and threw for over 300+ yards.

He showed by the way he played in the divisional game against the Packers, no matter what the outcome was, he put them in the position to win that game.

I just gave you 3 examples that prove my point.

He is also the future, meaning.. He is only a ROOKIE!

There you have it folks, 4 reasons why you should be apart of Dak Nation!


2 Reasons Why You Should Be Apart of Dak Nation Part 1

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Dak Nation stand up!

I see that you made your way back today.

Today’s post topic will be me sharing 3 reasons why you should be apart of Dak Nation..

This post is one that if you happen to be on the fence whether Dak is your #1 Quarterback, after reading this post, you will definitely be a fan of him.

Oh yea, and..

To get caught up with the last post, head over here.

With that said, let’s dive right in..

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Are you apart of Dak Nation?

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This is a question that is really circulating around the sports world. Maybe not in the exact verbatim¬†but you get me. One of the biggest storylines of this year’s NFL season has been the coming out party of the two Dallas Cowboys rookies, Dak Prescott and Ezekiel¬†Elliot.

I like both of the rookies, but lets be honest, Elliot was a top pick. We expected him to perform at a high level. Maybe not as good as he did, but we knew what we drafted. With Dak, no one really knew who he was. And if Romo hadn’t gotten hurt in that final preseason game against the Seahawks, I honestly feel we still wouldn’t know who Dak is.

Me personally, I have never liked Romo. I don’t mind him as a person, but as a football player, No sir. So when this rookie stepped in to now run the hardest position in football, I was immediately intrigued.

After that first loss, they started winning..

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My New Blog

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What up guys and gals.

Just wanted to shoot over this quick post welcoming you guys to my new blog.

Since this is a new blog, I’m sure you just happened to stumble across it.

So, i”ll be following up with some more info starting tomorrow.

Be sure to return back!