2 Reasons Why You Should Be Apart of Dak Nation Part 1

Dak Nation stand up!

I see that you made your way back today.

Today’s post topic will be me sharing 3 reasons why you should be apart of Dak Nation..

This post is one that if you happen to be on the fence whether Dak is your #1 Quarterback, after reading this post, you will definitely be a fan of him.

Oh yea, and..

To get caught up with the last post, head over here.

With that said, let’s dive right in..

Reason #1

He is not your usual show off.

What I mean by this is, it’s like a culture thing in the NFL to be in the media for everything. To be dancing every single change you get. Dak doesn’t seem to phase to any of that.

I think this is more about his character than anything. The  more and more that we get to know him, it seemed he was really raised well.

From the moment he stepped in as the Quarterback for the most popular franchise in all sports, he has carried himself in a certain way. ┬áHe has shown that he isn’t about distractions at all. Which is great if he is playing on the team you are rooting for on Sundays.

There have been rumors that he even passed up on some endorsement deals early in the season because he wanted to stay focused on the season.

I mean come on, who does that?

Reason #2

He can run the ball.

From a football perspective, you have to appreciate a QB that can tuck that ball, and run for a good 8-10 yards on that 3rd and 8.

Dak can do that. He showed us all year that he can run, and run well.

He knows when to do it, and when not to. That is a huge plus side for us. Coming from an era where we had Romo who couldn’t run to save his life, it’s a BIG difference.

This makes him that much more of a threat for defenses to go with his rookie partner in crime, Elliot.

These are the first two reasons why you should be apart of Dak Nation. Tomorrow we will be talking about a couple other reasons why he should be your #1!




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